Wednesday, August 29th Menu

Our last day to serve lunch will benefit Strike Out Cancer & Twilight Fund!!  Anyone that knows our family history knows that cancer has affected three sisters and one brother.  We want to share our last day with others that have been affected the same way!!
Come see us for lunch one last time!! We can’t wait to hug your neck!!
Today we will have a Hamburger Bar and as always our fresh salad bar!!
Have a GREAT Day today and look forward to seeing you!!

Today is the Day

So if you have ever been in to CraveThyme you have seen a string of pictures!  This was what my dream was inspired from.  Having a loss of what seemed like every year for several years in my family made me realize how short life is.  This decision has been about a three month prayer in the making and God has opened doors and closed doors so easily on this prayer! I want everyone to know that has ever stepped foot in CraveThyme, you have blessed me with your presence as we have blessed you by being there.   Thank you for letting us love on you, laugh with you, cry with you and for being a part of this season in our life!  CraveThyme will still be so keep a look out!  Prayers for the new owners of what I started will be a blessing as well!  They will be great!! 

Even despite the circumstances of each story of this string of pictures he used each person to inspire me in a different way!  I challenge you to go be an inspiration in someone’s life!! We love you and as our doors close today remember to be a blessing everyday!  

With all that being said, I have taken a position as New Accounts/Teller at FNB New Mexico here in Dalhart!  

Guys, God is Good and I mean ALL the TIME!  

Long emotional write but worth the read….

Ever since I can remember, I’ve dreamed about opening my own restaurant. I’ve always filled my kitchen with home-cooked meals and family around a big table, so we could enjoy good food and each others company. So, when the opportunity to buy CraveThyme became available, my family and I were more than excited to make this dream of mine a reality. We worked hard to make our space a welcoming environment full of warmth, smiles and delicious food. That was two and a half years ago.

From the very beginning, being the owner of CraveThyme has been a blessing. Myself, Kaysha, Ramona and my mom get to see the local faces of Dalhart and also new faces of travelers that greet us, laugh with us, tell us about their life, and in return, they have blessed this small business and this family again and again.

But, as life has a way of doing, situations change and evolve, and we have to do our best to change when the time is right. With a full heart and sadness, the time for change for me and CraveThyme is now. On August 29th, we will be serving lunch one last time, and then we will close the doors to CraveThyme.

My hope is to find a person who would like to purchase the business, all the supplies, and rent the space to continue the real fellowship that happens here everyday of the week. If you or someone you know would like more information about running this small business, please tag them or get in touch with me. This building and place is the perfect spot of a thriving business in the heart of Dalhart. We will miss it very much and hope someone will see how special it is and can continue to be.

We would like to thank Dalhart and all the people who have supported us from the beginning. It is a true privilege to have had a dream, make it a reality, and receive nothing but love and support. We would love for you to stop by and let us hug your neck!

As I think about my last days at CraveThyme, I imagine my days without Kaysha in them. Kaysha, THANK YOU for being my cheerleader, my critic, my helper, my best friend and the one that has been there at my calling. I could have NEVER made my days at CraveThyme work without you in them.
You will do GREAT things wherever you go!

To all my family…Thank You for living my dream with me!!